To create a better future, we have to be able to imagine one.


Deborah Rodney

I have written 16 plays for children on social and environmental themes, which were performed for over 100,000 Oregon students every year for ten years. A packed gym full of K-6th graders taught me the value of an enthralling story, emotionally charged characters and belly-shaking laughter.

I was a Communication Consultant on HIV-AIDS in Guyana (for Global Fund) and St. Vincent and the Grenadines (for The World Bank), which gave me a close look at life and suffering so I could paint on my pages, another kind of world to strive for.

I received grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and the Oregon Arts Commission for my writing projects and I have been honored with several national awards for effectively combining the arts and environmental education.


Deborah Rodney Author Drumming Dreams

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