Deb's Adventure Story


Drumming Dreams is a luscious action-packed adventure story with spiritual awakening at its heart. It weaves the ragged threads of loss and love into a web of hope and possibility.

Imagine a tribe hidden deep in the South American jungle. They drum the human heart of the world.

They are calling...



Relentless drums beating in a recurring nightmare begin stalking Nora in her waking life, driving her to the brink of madness. They lure her on a treacherous journey deep into uncharted Guyana jungle. The same jungle where her pilot father disappeared twenty-four years earlier. Her boat capsizes in river rapids and she’s separated from her guides. Lost and alone, she faces the overwhelming forces of a perilous jungle and the inner demons of loss and terror as she tries desperately to survive.


Until the tribe of gentle Keepers finds her.

guyana crocodile

The Keeper’s welcome Nora to their world, where they listen for messages in their dreams and the ones that come through the forest’s plants and creatures. They profoundly change the way she sees her life and those she loves. When they reveal how they called her to the jungle with their drums, Nora is forced to re-think her ideas about logic and magic. By the time they ask her to carry an urgent message back to those whose ways of living are harming the rainforest, she is ready for her new name, “The Messenger.”



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